Best Git source control platform?

Who is the best Git hosting platform? We compare the top three, which all offer free tiers, with links below.

GitHub vs GitLab vs Bitbucket?

  • GitLab
    • Completely open source platform
      • This means you could host it yourself including the CI/CD
      • Reduces reliance on “Big Tech”
    • Superior CI/CD
  • Bitbucket
    • Integrated with Jira
    • Bitbucket Pipelines for CI/CD
    • Self Hosting
      • Bitbucket Server is available
      • Not open source
      • License fee costs money
  • GitHub
    • Probably the most widely used for open source projects
    • Now owned by Microsoft (Big Tech?)
    • No Self Hosting
      • The underlying tech is not open source

Which is best?

For us, GitLab checks the most boxes, and is the safest choice for the long term, especially because its underlying platform is open source. This means you won’t be boxed in and locked to a single vendor!


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